A pilot of ADHD!
A Dungeon Horror Deed Pilot
- The Game Manual
by Schwartz Engine

The Realm of the Goblin Isle is a treacherous place, be careful when traveling the Isle. Save often and remember to bring healing potions whenever you can. Even with the best Armour, Weapons and Spells you can be cornered by a gang of monsters. It is better to retreat and get healed than to try and power through. This section is a short introduction to the use of the game, meant as an appetizer. The intent of the interface is that it should be intuitive and this section is just an extra help to get you going...

Starting a Game

When you start up ADHD, you will see the start screen that offers you several opportunities to start a game. This section will describe how you start adventuring through the Realm of Goblin Isle and make you familiar with the buttons which are the contraptions that control the game. Above the buttons you see the game view which is a screen showing your current view of the game. This view will show your party traveling the realm, active combat, selection of items and other things as you play the game.

This is the first button you need to press to get going playing the game, whenever you want to start a new party in a fresh game, this is that button to use. After pressing this button the first roll of the Warrior character, called Smike the Adventurer, of your party will be shown in the game view. You can now accept his stats or reroll. If you accept the next character to roll will be the Marksman and after that the Sorceror.

The Re roll button can be used to reroll the statistics of characters when creating a new party. Hit this until you are satisfied, a good rule of thumb is to have the Melee statistics (The percentage change of hitting with a melee weapon or fist in close combat) to be 35+ for warriors. The Ballistics for your Marksman should be 35+, the number of magic points for your Sorceror should be 6+ and Psyche should be 35+ for the Sorceror.

When you are satisfied with the rolled statistics of your character, press this button to move to the creation of the next. There is a little game in the game here, as you can keep rolling statistics until your are satified. When you accept the statistics of the Sorceror and press this button your party will be created and the game will begin. The game view will show your party in the notorious seaside town fortress Gobbo Town where you begin adventuring the Realm...

If you regret your decision to create a new game you can move back to the start screen by pressing the home button. This button can also be pressed while adventuring in the Realm of Goblin Isle to quit a game and return to the Start Screen.

Another way of starting a game is to press the load button, this will change the game view to a list where you can select a saved game session to load. There are 10 slots for saving game sessions in ADHD. If you select a game slot containing a game a little floppy will appear in the right bottom corner of the game view. Pressing the load button with a slot containing a game, will load the game and you will start where you left of in that session...

In the load game screen you will also encounter Arrow Buttons. Here there is a button with an Up Arrow for moving the game slot selection up and a button with a Down Arrow to move game slot selection down. Arrow buttons for moving left, rigth up and down appears through out the game, for movement and selection.

If you regret your wish to load a game you can press the exit button and you will be brought back to the start screen. The exit button is used for many other things in the game. If you press it in the start screen you exit the App entirely. While traveling the center button changes to the exit button when there is an entry to a house, dungeon, cave or any other exit. It is used for entering new locations or to leave a situation throughout the game.

Sounds are a part of the game and adds to the atmosphere when you travel the realm. Sounds can be disabled/enabled through settings that are reached from clicking the button with the cog wheel. Simply press the back button once you have edited the settings to return to the Start Screen.

Traveling the Realm

When traveling the Realm of Goblin Isle you can enter new locations, talk to people, solve quests, encounter monsters, buy or sell items for your party in shops or get healing at a temple. The game view depicts the location and you can move around using Arrow buttons to move north, south, east or west. This section describes what the party can encounter and what actions you can do with the party.

When you start your first game, notice that your party of heroes are shown as an icon of three characters that you can move around. You move the party with the arrow buttons and you cannot move through walls, water or mountains, but here and there you will encounter portals the party can enter, people they can talk to, shops or temples they can enter to or monsters they can fight...

As the party moves around they will meet people they can talk to. When the party is positioned on a person they can talk to, the center button, which is blank most of the time, will change to a button that indicates conversation. If this is pressed while active, conversation with the people standing with the party will begin. Sometimes it is just gossip and the game view will change to some text with an Aye Seal that can be pressed to end the conversation, other times it is a quest that the party can commit to by pressing the Aye Seal on the scroll in the game view, or the Nay Seal on the scroll can be pressed to reject the quest for now...

When a Quest has been accepted, it becomes active and becomes an entry in the log book. By pressing the Log Book Button, you can follow the status of accepted quests and read their description via selection in a list. Quests are solved by doing what the person giving the quest asks for. Upon return after solving the Quest the Quest giver can reward the party or give them hints to dangers, quests or other info...

At other times the party will encounter portals, when the party stands on a portal the center button will change to the Exit Button. This means that you can make the party try to enter the exit if you press the button. If the portal is open, a scroll with an Aye and a Nay option will apear. If Aye is pressed the portal is entered sometimes shifting the game view to a new location. On pressing Nay the party stays where it is. If the portal is locked the scroll describes how and there is only an Aye seal to press to move on. A key is needed to open a locked portal, the party will find keys as they find stashes, solves quests or kill monsters.

Monsters are the source of Gold, Items, Solved Quests and Fame. When the party moves into or is moved into by a monster, combat commences immediately. The Game View changes to a combat arena with monsters and the three heroes, that now can move around or attack on their turn, and make no mistake the monsters will do everything to take out the heroes...

Pressing the Player Button gives acces to statistics of the players and manipulation of the equipment they are carrying. This is an important function, allowing you to equip items that players are carrying, giving them more armour, allowing them to use a weapon, passing items around or even casting a healing spell...

When you need to save your game session, and it is recommended to do this a lot if you want your party of heroes to survive in the Realm of Goblin Isle, you press the Save Button. This changes the game view to a list of game slots you can select to save to, as soon as you have selected a slot and press the Save Button, you will be guided to traveling the Realm. You can also reject to save by pressing the exit button.

Managing your Heroes

It is a good idea to keep an eye on the statistics of your players and the items they are carrying to heal them, bost their magic when needed and equip their items as they find or buy new equipment. Weapons and Armour have no effect if it is not equipped. To begin managing your heroes statistics and items you press the Player Button. This will change the game view to show a list where you can select the player you want to manage and click the player button once more to see his statistics.

You can cast spells when you are managing a hero if the hero is the Sorceror. Simply press the Magic Button and a list of spells will be shown in the game view. Select a healing spell using the up or down arrow button and cast it to heal a hero by selecting one from a list. You can always exit from spell casting by pressing the Exit Button. This button is also used to cast spells during combat.

Press the Backpack Button to see and manipulate a list of items in the current selected heros possession. The game view will display a list, arrow buttons will allow selection in the list and an exit button will change the game view back to the statistics of the current hero. Several other buttons allow you to manipulate the items in the list. The Backpack Button can also be pressed in combat or when visting a shop to do item manipulation...

Pressing the Eye Button will change the game view to a scroll with a description of the selected item. You can press the Aye Seal on the scroll to move back to the backpack view for more item manipulation. The Eye is also used to view spell descriptions when selecting spells to cast during combat or backpack manipulation and to view item details in a shop.

To equip or unequip and item press the Equipment Button. It is important to equip armour, weapons, staffs and other items to be able to wield them in battle. Forgetting to equip your items can be fatal for the hero. When pressed, the Equip Button equips selected unequipped items if they can be used by the hero that possesses them, and unequips already equipped items of the same type.

Magic or Healing Potions can be taken by selection them an pressing the Use Item Button. This is also something you can do as an action during combat where the Backpack Button also is active. Very handy to survive or bost your magic if you are running out of magic points...

It can also be very handy to pass items between heros. If you want to do so, select and item and press the Give Button. You can now select the hero to receive the item from a list of party members...

If you want to discard an item to make more space in your backpack, select the item and press the Discard Button. Be careful with this button, you will not be asked if you are sure you want to discard the selected item, and it will be lost after pressing Discard!...

Doing Combat

As you move the party around you will encounter monsters and enemy encounters. Combat commences when the party moves into a monster or is moved into by a monster. A combat arena containing heroes and adversaries will be shown in the game view, and monsters and the party will take turns attacking until one of the two are defeated. Monsters follow their own AI when attacking one at a time in their turn. In the party turn each hero can be made to move, make a ranged attack, make a melee attack, cast a spell or pass the opportunity to do anything. Should the party be totally defeated the game view will show the start screen, and a saved game session can be picked up again or a new game started. If the party survives there might be treasure to be had and afterwards any wounded characters can be healed by magic, healing potions or a visit to a temple...

An active hero is marked by a light square. If an enemy is close to the active hero, you can press the Melee Attack Button. A target cursor appears, you can move this cursor and select enemies close to the active hero. When the cursor is marking an enemy, the center button turns into a Melee Attack button, you can press to attack the monster with the heros equipped weapon. The button will show the weapon the active hero is wielding or a fist if none is worn, note that it is hard to take enemies down without some kind of weapon.

If the active hero has a bow, pistol or any other ranged weapon equipped, you can press the Ranged Attack Button. A target cursor appears and you can move this cursor and select any enemy in the combat arena. When the cursor is marking an enemy, the center button turns into a Ranged Attack button and you can press it to attack the monster with the heros equipped weapon. The button will show the weapon the active hero is wielding or a fist if none is worn, note that it is hard to take enemies down without some kind of weapon.

If you have enough magic points, you can press this button to cast a spell on the battle field. You can select healing or attack spells from a list and select friends or enemies with a target cursor as described above. Once the target for the spell has been selected, be it friend or foe, the center button turns into a Magic Button and you can cast the spell.

If you want to move the active hero in the combat arena to get a better position, press one of the four arrow buttons to move one tile in the combat arena. You can only move one tile, but beware! There are larger monsters that can move more than one tile per turn...

Sometimes the active hero has a good position but are unable to do other actions than simply to wait and do nothing, press the Pass Button if you want the active hero to wait and do nothing.

Temples and Shopping

Temples allow for healing and resurrection but at a price and shops offer armour, weapons and other items but also at a price. This section describes the buttons used in shops and temples.

In temples you can select a hero from you party from a list using arrow buttons, when pressing the Healing Button the temple will try to deduct the number of gold coins needed to heal the hero from the partys gold inventory and heal or resurrect the hero if there is enough gold.

When rummaging through a heros backpack in a shop, the Sell Button can be pressed to sell the current selected item in the backpack. Very handy to get money for found items.

When you want to buy an item for the party in a shop you select the item you want from a list and press the Hand Button to take the item and select a hero to get it. If there is enough gold to buy the item the item ends in the backpack of the hero you select to get it.


It is possible to make your own mod of A Dungeon Horror Deed. To do this you must make a set of maps where one of them is named Gobbo Town and make a world map file from these called ADHDFakeMaps and copy that to where your save the progress of the game on your device ofthe this is in the root of the file system. After this all new and loaded games will use that map configuration when starting a new game or loading a saved one so beware.

And how do you create a map configuration. Well it so happens that there is a level editor made for ADHD. Download it as runnable jar file here (java version 8 or above must be installed on your system) and and example starter map here. Place you map files in a specific folder and invoke the Map->Build World Map File.. to be pointing at this folder. All maps in this folder and subfolders of this will be merged to a file called worldmaps by this operation. Rename the file as specified above and copy it to your device, and you are ready to go. You can rename the file slightly or delete it to play ADHD as normal if you regret using it. Only the starter map can have a start position. When you add other maps to your map folder the cannot have a starting point. Use portals to jump between maps and used monster matrices to randomly make monsters appear, the sum of probability points must be 100 in a monster matrix. Always save map files with the .txt extension.

Currently this part of the manual is under construction...

© Schwartz Engine

The ADHD App, Audio, Graphics, Concept and this Game Manual are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by Schwartz Engine.

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