A Focus Game for Android
by Schwartz Engine

A Focus Game is all about focus, can you concentrate and remove the stressed droids without removing normal droids or skipping stressed droids. Only few but very distinctive differences separate the stressed droids from the normal. This is all about concentration and inner peace. Try it out and see if you are leaned back, partly stressed or any of the other categories.

The focus game trains your reflexes and tests your ability to focus on a single task. If you are interrupted or loose focus while playing you will loose points. Only truly relaxed and focused minds will enter the High Score List. Game play is simple, click/touch the stressed Droids as they appear. Avoid hitting any relaxed Droids.

Useful to decide if you are stressed or just having a bad day. 

Beware: The use of the vibrator in this game can be power consuming, to avoid this, set vibration features to off in the preferences...

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Version History

Version 1.00.119
  Better typegraphy in About box.

Version 1.00.118
  Fixing problem, where Droids could overlap making it impossible to remove bad droids behind good droids.

Version 1.00.117
  Starting to modernize version.

Version 1.00.116
  Version numbering harmonized to all languages.

Version 1.00.110
  Version numbering harmonized.

Version 1.0.109
  Null pointer check inserted to make the App. stable.
  Crashes when opening references will now be avoided.

Version 0.95.16
  SDK version numbers aligned to make the App. stable.
  Version numbers added in other languages.

Version 0.95.6
  Package name changed sligthly because the private key got lost.
  Game even faster, try the new speed!

Version 0.93.130
  This version is faster, to avoid the 'boring' time of first level.

Version 0.93.128
  The game has been localized to Chinese by the guys at: www.goapk.com
  Smaller spelling errors in About Box corrected

Version 0.93.126
  New clearer level icons and entry for localization activity in backlog
  All texts are now resource strings
  The game is localized to Denmark with English as default

Version 0.92.123
  Introduction of vibration effects when a droid is killed
  On/off preferences for kill/exit vibrations implemented

Version 0.92.121
  Introduction of vibration effects when the droids start to leave
  Vibration on/off preferences for battery friendly operation

Version 0.91.118
  About activity/dialog is now closed by touch as well as the back button
  Stop and New in menu are now controlled by the game state

Version 0.90.110
  Music is not started as default
  Revision number of SVN used as last number in version number
  Droids shake during the last second of their appearance
  Log messages have been removed

Version 0.84.2
  Pause and resume handled in main Activity to avoid stars going crazy after screen shutdown
  Droids now appear quicker to make the game faster
  Number of stars in background layer reduced to save battery

Version 0.84.1
  This is the first version released on the WEB. Runs on Android version 1.5+

Screen Shots


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