The Schwartz Engine

The Schwartz Engine, is a hobby software developing business. We try to make games that can give you a break away from the everyday life - You can contact us on this mail.

When it comes to games, we value stuff you can play without being connected to the internet and without interrruptions from commercials. In this day and age we strive to give you an Of The Grid (OTG) experience. The philosophy is to create games and apps, with no interruptions. We strive for a minimalistic experience that gives you time alone and relaxational therapy.

Current App Titles

A Currency Calculator - Buy at Google Play. This is a simple currency calculator, that converts from one currency to another. Remember to update currency the first time you use it.

A Focus Game - A fun tester game released at Google Play. This is a game to test if you can focus on a task, a simple little stress tester that can show if you are relaxed and focused. Try it out!

ADHD! - A retro RPG released at Google Play! Aka A Dungeon Horrror Deed Pilot, this game will take you through combat with all sorts of brutes and monsters. Solving Quests will evolve the game as you move along building your party of heroes stronger. You can also mod this game by making plots with an editor you can download for free.

Apps are developed in Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe by SchwartzEngine.

Privacy Policy

No user data is used by the apps. ADHD! saves and reads game files as progress in the game is saved or loaded to continue a saved game, the files does not contain user information. ADHD! can be played offline, That's it and that's that.


We also have a BLOG that is updated now and then.

EOEI - End of Engine Intro